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Campfires and Stained Glass Windows

We who believe in the unexplainable, the unknowable if you will, seek each other out.  It’s a need shared by true believers of every stripe.  We gather together on the fringe and share stories by the campfire, or meet in … Continue reading

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Hysterical Blindness and Other Good Holiday Cheer

There’s a flow to the seasons. When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was when Grandma and Grandpa arrived at daybreak with my uncle and their wormy dog.  Which was also the morning mom cracked the cap on the cider she’d … Continue reading

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Wrestling Bears, Drunken Dentists and Celestial Greeters

Family legend says Grandma’s oldest brother was the handsomest man in the logging town of Freshwater, California.  Also the strongest.  So when a traveling circus came to the little logging town in 1897 and offered $10 to any man who … Continue reading

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