‘L’ is for Leftout and for Love


11686437-sad-couple-mad-at-each-other-in-their-living-roomYesterday I shared with you that Kindness is my cure for depression.  Well, that post was after all brought to you by the letter ‘K’.

There’s a bit more to depression than that.  First of all, ‘cure’ is a bit of a stretch.  Continuing struggle.  Daily challenge.  That’s closer to the truth. 

And, there’s more to the Foster cure for depression than kindness.  Though I still maintain that helping others, getting outside my own head and needs and whining, is the most potent ingredient in the cure.

But I left out a few steps yesterday, I admit that.

There’s also exercise.  The fact that walking, moving around, helps with depression is fairly clear evidence to me that our minds and bodies are intricately connected.

There’s meditation and prayer.  I swear I sometimes think God sends the gift of depression just because he misses talking to me. k4404106

There’s abstinence.  Don’t panic.  Abstinence not celibacy.  I don’t drink.   Alcohol is a depressive.  I know, I know.  You think it’ll make you feel better.  It won’t.  Or, at least, for me the positive effects are short-term while the negative repercussions are long-term.  Yes.  Yes.  Several people in my family have explained to me that my opinion on this means simply that I’m not drinking enough.  Still, for me, drinking is counter-productive.  So I don’t do it.

There’s self-talk.  I have a little loop in my head that, if I’m not careful, says things like, Why do you even try? and What makes you think you can do that? and Who the hell do you think you are?  Since my mother’s still alive, I’m not going to tell you whose voice whispers these things in my ear.  I rip out this tape.  Over and over.  But, still, I do rip it out.  Replace the negative with positive self-talk. 

Then, last and most important, there’s friends. People who love me and support me and tell me I’m great and wonderful and talented and, well, just a galldurned saint and they’re lucky to know me.

So.  There’s the rest of the Foster cure for depression.  The parts I left out of yesterday’s post.

It’s a lifelong treatment.



About Author and Speaker Pamela Foster

Pamela Foster is a speaker and author. Her first book, Redneck Goddess, is available at local bookstores and on Amazon. Her second book, Bigfoot Blues, will be available in August 2012.
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4 Responses to ‘L’ is for Leftout and for Love

  1. Jan Morrill says:

    Pam, the way I see it, not only is it a lifelong treatment, it should be a way of life for us all. But I have to say, your thought on God sending you depression because He misses talking to you? That was profound and if that’s not a glass half-full attitude, I don’t know what is. Love you. 🙂

  2. You are a saint and I’m a better person for knowing you. I’d like to thank you for being the smiling face and the voice of reason that drags me out of my depressed states. Love you!

  3. You have a gift of parting the veils to show me new perspectives on so many things. I am blessed to know you too.

  4. Excellent leftovers left-outs, Pam. I liken depression to grief. While it can loosen its grip, it doesn’t fully evacuate once in place. Lifelong vigilance is necessary, and, arguably, worth the effort. Peace.

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