Line in the Sand

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The election is over and I’m taking the election of The Orange Man personally.

Every single person who walked into a voting booth and voted for the man who bragged of being a sexual predator, and I’m not just talking the pussy-grabbing incident, the old orange fart bragged on the radio to his good buddy and fellow degenerate Howard Stern about walking into the dressing room to peek at naked girls as young as fifteen – every single person who overlooked and justified his actions condoned sexual abuse and harassment. Those who elected him shouted out loud and clear that protecting the vulnerable among us is completely unimportant to them as long as they could exact vengeance on an uppity woman and send a message to all those minorities out there to remember their place at the back of the bus.

Several weeks ago I deleted an earlier post about my own sexual abuse as a child because I did not want my mother, who is now eighty-six, to be blamed for a situation over which she had little control. Over the years, when I have shared that story, many people have told me they would never allow something like that to happen to any child. They’ve sworn to me with tears in their eyes that, regardless of the consequences, they would step up and “shoot the s.o.b.” or “bury the bastard in the swamp.”

Big talk.

The people who voted for Trump shouted their position to the rooftops. “I don’t care what a powerful white man does to any women or child. Have at her boys. Grab some pussy.”

The voters watched an old man, not a child, but a grown man, bully and make fun of people with handicaps, and prisoners of war. Night after night the media squealed in faux-horror as he encouraged his supporters to hit and harass those who disagreed with them. “Go ahead. Punch him. I’ll pay your legal fees.” He called blacks thugs and if that wasn’t clear enough, he flat out said he’d reinstate stop-and-frisk, a policy which has been proven to target young men of color. With a shrug and a grin and a wink, he accepted the endorsement of the American Nazi Party and the KKK. The man opened his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants rapists, and by doing so galvanized those afraid to compete in the job market with a person who does not speak the language of the land. He selected a man for his vice president who diverted tax dollars in his home state of Indiana for conversion therapy for gay and lesbian people so they can become normal, like him.

There is simply no way anyone can say they did not know that Donald Trump is a racist, a bully, and a sexual predator. If you voted for him, you knew damned well what you were doing.

The lines are drawn.


About Author and Speaker Pamela Foster

Pamela Foster is a speaker and author. Her first book, Redneck Goddess, is available at local bookstores and on Amazon. Her second book, Bigfoot Blues, will be available in August 2012.
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8 Responses to Line in the Sand

  1. It is difficult to grasp the amount of hatred for minorities, Muslims, disabled, and women there is in this country. Trump has already done enormous damage to this country, but the people who voted for him have done far more by allowing him to become President. I have no respect for Trump, nor anyone who voted for him. Trump, will of course be a complete failure as president, but like Bush, it will takes years to correct all the damage the Republicans do in the next two years.

    If Democrats are unable to flip the House or Senate in 2018, the country may not be able to recover from the damage in my lifetime.

    We are going from a First Family of class and dignity to Rich White Trash.

    Democrats, progressives, liberals, and people who don’t hate people of different colors and religious beliefs, must turn out in overwhelming numbers to offset the bigots, voter suppression, and reduced voting locations. If you think voter suppression is bad now, wait until the Supreme Court goes fully right-wing conservative.

    Liberals will never change their opinion of Trump no matter what he does in office, but conservatives are likely to change theirs pretty quickly when Trump does not deliver on all of his promises.

    If he takes healthcare away from 22 million people, Republicans will have hell to pay in 2018. The vary people who voted for Trump are a good portion of those who are benefiting from the ACA.

    When unemployed workers don’t see manufacturing jobs re-materialize, those unemployed workers will begin to realize Hillary was offering to re-educate and retrain them, while Trump simply conned them when he said he would bring the coal and manufacturing jobs back.

    Automation has cost the American workers far more jobs than companies moving offshore. What used to require 200 coal workers can now be mined with 7 workers using better technology. Those jobs are not coming back. Hillary told them the truth.

    People barely hanging on by a thread will believe a lie, if it gives them hope. Learning something new to make a living sounds scary to many, but that is the future for most workers. The days of working in the same industry or factory for thirty years are long gone.

    • I agree with everything you’ve written Jim. Right now I am devastated, but very soon I will be turning that grief to action, volunteering at planned parenthood, getting involved with the Democratic Party as something besides a life-long voter. You are right. It’s put up or shut up time.

  2. CaRaisen says:

    I’ve cried periodically for the last two days. Like you I was a victim of child abuse. Today I read out loud to my husband an article I found on Facebook that expressed my grief over the election on Donald Thump and it made me cry. My husband did not understand and told me I needed to go talk to someone. I am more hurt than ever. I just needed him to understand why i have to grieve over this election. Its not that we dont have Hillary but we have White Trash like you said someone who does not care who he hurts.

    • You want and deserve support. I don’t know your husband. It might be that he loves you very much but just doesn’t know how to be there for you right now. That is how it is with my husband. Maybe it is impossible for anyone who has not experienced abuse to understand the betrayal we feel at the election of this man. I don’t know. But we survivors have each other, we support each other, and we can reach out to others. I keep reminding myself that only love can overcome hate, that only light can defeat darkness. Still, my rage is too raw now, I’m not quite ready to move past this. When I am ready, I’ll organize and volunteer and do my best to be there for others, but right now, you and I, we are entitled to our grief.

  3. Very well said, Pamela. One does not have to have experienced abuse to know that voting for a guy who brags about sexually assaulting women is condoning that behavior, and that is wrong. As I have tried to explain to people repeatedly today, the outrage over Trump’s election isn’t a party politics thing, or a sore loser thing, or a “my candidate didn’t win and I’m mad” thing. This has nothing to do with being a democrat or a republican (especially since Trump has been both at different points in his life). This is not about being a fan of Hillary Clinton. This is about the fact that America just elected a man who is morally reprehensible in MULTIPLE ways. Aside from being a sexual predator, a guy who brags that he can sexually assault women and get away with it because he’s famous, the man also makes fun of the disabled, women who breastfeed, women who aren’t sexy enough to meet his standards, veterans (including John McCain, who was serving his country while Donald dodged the draft and played polo), the family of a fallen soldier, minorities, LGBT individuals (don’t even get me started on his running mate, who wants to spend taxpayer dollars on “conversion therapy” for gay teenagers), and probably a bunch of other people I can’t think of right now. He will never be my president.

  4. Babs Griswold says:

    From what I have read lately and from experience during my 82 years, I believe it’s fair to say that 98% of women are abused as children, and mostly by family members.

    For the first time since I moved to Mexico in 1993, I am feeling ambivalent about being here. I want to be working to defeat the orange monster, to keep his ghastly influence to a minimum! I don’t think I could accomplish anything, though, that I can’t do from here. What I can do is encourage you and women like you, cheering from the sidelines and wishing you well. I also offer, if need be, refuge and tea.

    • Babs, do you know this is Pam from Jack and Pam at Paamul? I know Hugh gave you my address,but I cannot remember if we ever actually connected personally. Wonderful to hear from you and I so wish we could sit over tea or beer or whatever and have a good, long visit.

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