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You may remember the incident at the pool with the young, female physical therapist who reported Jack to her supervisor for making inappropriate sexual remarks. Despite my calm reasoning, loud explaining, and inevitable begging, Jack did indeed make the situation … Continue reading

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Underwater Dreams

In the dream I’m floating in the ocean. Warm, salty water occasionally breaks over my face, does little more than cool my head from the hot sun. The sea is confused, waves coming from all directions, the way the Mexican … Continue reading

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Time Does Not heal All Wounds

Jack is in Vietnam anniversary dates. He landed near China beach on July 4th of ’65. His best buddy, Lemual, was hit on August 31st. The medivac chopper was shot down as it tried to take off. Jack believed Lem … Continue reading

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Skilled Nursing

Years ago we lived in the high desert of Arizona. Jack planted a garden of okra and tomatoes in raised beds inside what had once been a small corral. His hard work proved a boon for the local bunny population. … Continue reading

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Those in the paths of mighty hurricanes will often refuse to evacuate unless they can keep their beloved family pets with them. They will stay in their flooded homes, cradle their animals to their breasts, and keep moving the cans … Continue reading

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In The Twinkling of an Eye

Fifteen or so years ago, Jack and I took a train from Bangkok to the bridge over the river Kwai. Yes, THAT bridge. Visiting a POW camp and graveyard takes a heavy emotional toll, and with Jack’s combat PTSD, and … Continue reading

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Purple People Eaters

My world view is predicated primarily on logic, experience, and expedience. Yet, I know the power of emotions. I believe love can heal, can open our souls to everything good in life, and I believe that is a kind of … Continue reading

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