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This week has been a series of medical challenges.  The dog pooped blood. That’s never a good sign. Two trips to the veterinarian and an empty check book later, Nickie is on the mend. The very hour the dog’s symptoms … Continue reading

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Love and Stripper Poles

This past Thursday evening was the last free concert-on-the-bay of the season. Jack and I attended all but one of these events. There were a slew of logistical challenges when he moved from the walker to the wheelchair. A lift … Continue reading

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Very Interesting

Jack The photo is of Jack in happier, though no less interesting, times. This morning was interesting. The dog ate Jack’s hearing aides. Not the batteries, thank God, but the little, grooved flesh-colored pieces of plastic and technology are now … Continue reading

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A few days ago I started to write this ‘H’ post about hope. My intent was to incorporate healing into the mix. Look, it’s not like I don’t know that people can only take so much raw truth and pain … Continue reading

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Killer Cashews

Some of you know all about how Jack and I moved to the country of Panama with two giant service dogs tethered to our wrists at all times. If not, here’s your chance–click here right this moment, buy Clueless Gringos in … Continue reading

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Humboldt County Reflections

A visit to Humboldt County always grounds me.  I can’t shake the feeling that the entire county exists in a parallel universe.  A better world nourished with the rich fog of light and mist and the rich hummus of a … Continue reading

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Big Feet, Big What?

This sign used to be the emblem for Bigfoot Gas. That’s quite a log, eh? People complained, the sign was changed. Instead of his lovely log, Bigfoot now packs a tiny gas can.  No, I don’t have a picture of … Continue reading

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