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Juju Beads

My winding path to enlightenment, or more truthfully toward survival, is strewn with a discarded string of juju beads representing various religions and philosophies. I have at one time or another embraced Protestantism, Catholicism, Christian Fundamentalism, Humanism, and Skepticism. I’ve … Continue reading

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Very Interesting

Jack The photo is of Jack in happier, though no less interesting, times. This morning was interesting. The dog ate Jack’s hearing aides. Not the batteries, thank God, but the little, grooved flesh-colored pieces of plastic and technology are now … Continue reading

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Chewing on Life

  I went to sleep before Wheel of Fortune. At three a.m., precisely three a.m., a flash of light illuminated the room, silhouetted my open laptop on the desk next to the bed. By the time the thunder followed I … Continue reading

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Humboldt County Norm

Every community displays subtle social clues that separate newcomers from recent arrivals. Of course, recent is a relative term. In general, the more isolated the community, the longer it takes for a new arrival to be assimilated and accepted into … Continue reading

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