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This morning, CBS interviewed a group of people who voted for Trump. I watched and listened because I know full well that understanding these individuals is the key to my healing. That seems a bizarre statement to make after a … Continue reading

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Line in the Sand

The election is over and I’m taking the election of The Orange Man personally. Every single person who walked into a voting booth and voted for the man who bragged of being a sexual predator, and I’m not just talking … Continue reading

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What I wanted Hillary to do

Here’s what I wanted Hillary to do last night. I wanted her to turn to the man stalking her from behind, the man so used to using his physical self to over-power women, that he saw nothing wrong with his … Continue reading

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The Power of The Great Bear

The Great Bear appears in many of my stories and novels. For Indigenous peoples of North America, Bear has always held strong spiritual medicine. Left alone, Bear goes about her life foraging quietly, caring for her young, perhaps enjoying the … Continue reading

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Willful Ignorance

The harsh smell of Camel unfiltereds rose in waves from Grandma’s white wool, very scratchy, coat. I sat on her lap, facing the windshield of Grandpa’s new, already-dust-caked 1950 GMC truck. Her arm tight around my waist, cigarette scissored in … Continue reading

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Bad Day

Statistically, combat veterans use VA facilities over twice as much as qualified non-combat veterans. Combat veterans with post-traumatic stress have anxiety about their health, all the physical challenges associated with their wounds, and they very often have agent orange related … Continue reading

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Leap Frog

  For years I woke up every day with at least one character and story line flowing freely through their brain. A day of not writing left me itchy mentally, angry at what had been lost because I could not … Continue reading

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