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Ordinary Thoughts on Apps, and Beatles, and the Moon Walk

This week I turned off my cable TV. At $123 a month, it was simply too expensive for me. I purchased a Fire Stick and paid a computer tech to come to my house and set my TV up with … Continue reading

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My creative spark, long dormant, is reaching toward the light. I am not sick, but rather I offer this to you as a celebration of life, of my life in particular, and in the joy and surprise each day gifts … Continue reading

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In Time of Loss

Winter wind shakes the gnarled fingers of barren trees at a gray sky.  In a few months, those same trees will bud and then burst into bloom, send forth new growth. In the depth of personal loss, we are often … Continue reading

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Stud Finder blues

I have become weighted down in my chosen role as the victim. Yes, I am in a somewhat difficult position. My husband is three hundred miles south of me slowly dying of a horrid, progressive disease which has messed up … Continue reading

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Parallel Universe

A few days ago I stumbled upon a theory that the Hadron Collider has flung the universe into a parallel dimension. Which would explain so much. Those little blackouts in my memory. Driving, I cannot remember where I’m going. Jotting … Continue reading

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Death by a Thousand Cuts

With Jack safe and well-cared for in the San Francisco VA community living center (skilled nursing), I should be relaxing into a less chaotic and demanding life. But, somehow, despite my attempts to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, my center … Continue reading

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