Speaking Topics

Point of View — Go Deep

Writing in deep point of view, I am the character as I create each scene.  When I get it right, it also means the reader is the character.  The reader smells the salty air, feels the soft bark of a redwood or the smooth cotton of a child’s shirt.  The reader drops into the depths of each black moment and rises to joy with each triumph.

I’ll teach you how to drop your readers into a character from the first word to the last.

Bigfoot — A Family Legacy

I was three when my grandpa had his first run-in with Bigfoot in the mountains around Peckwan in Northern California. https://pamelafosterspeakerwriter.wordpress.com/

Those memories perked for over fifty years before I held them up to the light of fiction in my novel, Bigfoot Blues.

I’ll tell you a few tales and let you in on a family secret or two before answering your questions and hearing your own experiences.  (There are people in every crowd who’ve met The Big Guy.)


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