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Writers’ block, which for years I insisted did not exist, has swallowed me whole. In an effort to escape the belly of this cold beast, I volunteered to teach a ten-week writing course at the local senior center. I do, … Continue reading

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Chewing on Life

  I went to sleep before Wheel of Fortune. At three a.m., precisely three a.m., a flash of light illuminated the room, silhouetted my open laptop on the desk next to the bed. By the time the thunder followed I … Continue reading

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Humboldt County Norm

Every community displays subtle social clues that separate newcomers from recent arrivals. Of course, recent is a relative term. In general, the more isolated the community, the longer it takes for a new arrival to be assimilated and accepted into … Continue reading

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The Best Lies Reveal the Most Truth

Writing westerns takes a little research, especially for a writer like me who writes mostly contemporary fiction and non-fiction. But when, in The Rainmaker, the sequel to Ridgeline, I let my imagination carry Adeline to the western most point in … Continue reading

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Snow Day

I did not grow up with snow.  Fog wrapped redwoods.  The cold and roaring Pacific Ocean.  Fast, clear rivers.  But no snow.  If it snowed even once when I was a child in Eureka, California, I do not remember the … Continue reading

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Hysterical Paralysis, Cast-Iron Skillets, and Wooden Rolling Pins

We have an abundance of crazy women in my family.  And that’s a good thing. We have a great-aunt who birthed seven boys.  When her youngest son was two, this over-burdened woman suffered what I am going to be kind … Continue reading

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