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Chewing on Life

  I went to sleep before Wheel of Fortune. At three a.m., precisely three a.m., a flash of light illuminated the room, silhouetted my open laptop on the desk next to the bed. By the time the thunder followed I … Continue reading

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Humboldt County Norm

Every community displays subtle social clues that separate newcomers from recent arrivals. Of course, recent is a relative term. In general, the more isolated the community, the longer it takes for a new arrival to be assimilated and accepted into … Continue reading

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Writer Interrupted

My method of writing is to live the story.  If you see me driving beside you on the road, get out of the way.  You may look over and see an old woman with a purple streak in her gray … Continue reading

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Humboldt County Reflections

A visit to Humboldt County always grounds me.  I can’t shake the feeling that the entire county exists in a parallel universe.  A better world nourished with the rich fog of light and mist and the rich hummus of a … Continue reading

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Wrestling Bears, Drunken Dentists and Celestial Greeters

Family legend says Grandma’s oldest brother was the handsomest man in the logging town of Freshwater, California.  Also the strongest.  So when a traveling circus came to the little logging town in 1897 and offered $10 to any man who … Continue reading

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Monkey Fur Coats and the Tears of Old Men

My paternal grandfather’s sister, Mandy Foster, was a madam in Eureka, California during prohibition. Family history says she worked out of The Vance Hotel, but this is highly unlikely and honesty requires me to confess that I come from a … Continue reading

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True Lies

A good fiction writer lies in order to tell a deeper truth.  She creates an entire make-believe world for the sole purpose of wrapping words around one true essence. When I returned to Humboldt County for my annual fog-fix last … Continue reading

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