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Chewing on Life

  I went to sleep before Wheel of Fortune. At three a.m., precisely three a.m., a flash of light illuminated the room, silhouetted my open laptop on the desk next to the bed. By the time the thunder followed I … Continue reading

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Nursing Home Saga, continued

Two days ago I brought Jack home from the nursing home. He stayed ten nights, ten days, twelve hours and eighteen minutes. Or so he informed me. The decision to admit him to a nursing home after rotator cuff surgery … Continue reading

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Heated Butts, an Elmer Fudd Hat, and Love

Last week was Jack and my twenty-first anniversary.  Jack bought himself an Audi convertible.  He bought me flowers.  And candy.  We’ve been a one car family for all but a couple of our twenty-five years together.  That’s because Jack retired … Continue reading

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Autumn Memories

Dad’s birthday was September 8th.  In my memory, summer ended and school always started on that same day.  Which is, of course, totally impossible.  Still, each year, there are sights and smells and sounds that bring me right back to … Continue reading

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Usual, Ordinary Beauty

Life is filled with ordinary beauty.  The soft gray of a female cardinal swaying on a wind-rustled lilac bush. A silver moon veiled by clouds ragged and thin as midnight prayers. Nature offers these gifts freely. Love carries its own … Continue reading

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Spitting, Kicking, Humping

Remember the cautionary tale of the camel that pokes his nose into the maiden’s tent slit? “Oh, look at those eye lashes!  And he’s sooo soft and cuddly.  And OMG TWO humps!” And. . . The next thing the sweet … Continue reading

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