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Writers’ block, which for years I insisted did not exist, has swallowed me whole. In an effort to escape the belly of this cold beast, I volunteered to teach a ten-week writing course at the local senior center. I do, … Continue reading

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Chewing on Life

  I went to sleep before Wheel of Fortune. At three a.m., precisely three a.m., a flash of light illuminated the room, silhouetted my open laptop on the desk next to the bed. By the time the thunder followed I … Continue reading

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The Courage to Live

Some conversations linger after the person who whispered urgently in your ear, clasped your hand until your fingers hurt, has departed, eyes downcast, their pain hidden once again from the world. A week or so ago a woman approached me … Continue reading

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You’re Not the Boss of Me

No woman can expect to be regarded as a lady after she has written a book –Lydia Maria Francis Child (paraphrase) 1802-1880 Don’t air your dirty laundry in public — Mom Yes, that’s right. Another blog post from me. Nothing … Continue reading

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Beware the Tums

You may have noticed it’s been a while since I posted a new essay on this blog. Or maybe you haven’t noticed at all. At any rate, I was in the hospital for two weeks and am still recovering. That’s … Continue reading

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I write cross-genre. Or so the folks that need to know where to put my books on the Barnes and Noble shelf tell me. Since Barnes and Noble isn’t doing particularly well right now, and publishing in general is a … Continue reading

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Conversation Around a Camp Fire

Creation myths reveal the original culture of a people. Oh, we shift and grow and turn to the left and the right over thousands of years, but still our view of this life is colored with how our ancestors explained … Continue reading

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