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Conversation Around a Camp Fire

Creation myths reveal the original culture of a people. Oh, we shift and grow and turn to the left and the right over thousands of years, but still our view of this life is colored with how our ancestors explained … Continue reading

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Why a Western?

Ridgeline is my fifth published book. None of my previous works are westerns. So then why, at this stage of my career, would I choose to write in a genre that is, according the geniuses in New York, writhing in … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Girl

It has been pointed out to me that the women in my novels often have a special and wonderful bond with their fathers. Oh there’s plenty of tension and flaws on both sides, but the father-daughter relationship is strong. Goo … Continue reading

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In today’s blog post my friend Staci Troili asked the question, “Do you write about issues in your own life?” My answer to that question is, “That’s ALL I write about.” Except for years I’ve copped out, thrown a camouflage … Continue reading

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